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Listen Now! Joseph McNeil, Jr. Joins Doug Hamilton of Prairie Public News to Discuss the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm.

On Monday, February 1, SAGE general manager Joseph McNeil, Jr. joined Doug Hamilton on Prairie Public News’ Main Street program to discuss the development of the Anpetu Wi wind farm at Standing Rock. 

“What makes this project really great is that the location we’ve selected here is roughly 45-55% wind capacity, which means that these turbines are going to be blowing 50% of the day during a 24 hour period,” McNeil said. 

Hamilton and McNeil discussed topics ranging from wind conditions on the future site of Anpetu Wi, to self-determination, to preserving sacred sites, to economic and community development at Standing Rock. 

“What’s important about our project is that we believe in the respect of our ancestry. We will put up this wind farm in respect to maintain our sacred sites for the next generations,” McNeil said. 

“Our spiritual connections will be maintained as Lakota people.” 

Listen to the full 25 minute conversation here: 

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