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SAGE Development Authority in The Bismarck Tribune

On August 25, The Bismarck Tribune published an article about SAGE Development Authority’s plan to develop the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm at Standing Rock and the crowdfunding efforts that will help bring this plan to fruition. 

“About 60 turbines are slated to dot the Porcupine Hills, a badlands-esque part of Sioux County between Fort Yates and Porcupine,” journalist Amy R. Sisk writes. SAGE plans to secure that funding through additional crowdfunding and by partnering with a developer and investors. 

SAGE leaders envision that the wind farm, once built, will generate revenue for the tribe and provide construction and maintenance jobs for tribal members. Sisk writes that Sitting Bull College in Fort Yates has offered a wind turbine technician program in the past, and a similar program could emerge again to train workers.

“We want to partner with our local tribal college and perhaps other college partnerships to bring that education here so that we will train people in renewable energy technology,” said Fawn Wasin Zi, SAGE’s Chairwoman. “We want to be the place where people go for that training.”

The wind farm would be named Anpetu Wi, which in Lakota means “the breaking of the new day.” On this name, SAGE General Manager Joseph McNeil Jr. is quoted saying: 

“You’re praying for guidance, you’re praying for wisdom, you’re praying for what’s best for the day for your family, for the people. This is really how we look at this project, as a prayer to guide our people into the future, into the new day.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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