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SAGE General Manager Joseph McNeil Jr. Joins KX News “Town Hall” for Conversation on Race in the Dakotas

SAGE general manager Joseph McNeil Jr. joined KX News “Town Hall” meeting this past Thursday, August 20, for a conversation on Race in the Dakotas. Retired Bismarck police chief Dan Donlin, community advocate Ernest Usher, and North Dakota Legislative Representative Ruth Buffalo were also participants. 

The meeting was a candid discussion on protests, stereotypes, and police reform and how North Dakota fits into the equation. KX News’s Nicholas Quallich posed the question of what role protests play in bringing about change. 

Joe, who also serves as president of Standing Rock Development Corp, answered with this: “Consistent, peaceful, disruptive action causes an economic shift. Those economic shifts change policy. When you start affecting the money, people start thinking that they need to make a change.”

“The traumas that exist in history still exist today.”

Joe McNeil, SAGE General Manager

During an extended conversation, when asked what we can all do to make North Dakota a better place for everyone, Joe said “give people the space to tell their truths…the traumas that exist in history still exist today…look towards solutions of equity for people who have been put out of place.” 

“It is up to everybody to look back before we move forward.”

The link to the full conversation can be found here:

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